A Wishful Ending

Unseasonal cold air is blowing in

I welcome it gladly

I beckon it to caress my skin

Just so I can feel… anything. 

If I had the energy

I’d walk from my front door

Across the green, through the estate

And leave the rabble behind 

I’d walk and walk until my ears

Could only distinguish the screaming

And traffic as a distant hum

Only then would I be prepared 

To lay down in the dewy grass

To anoint my body with a substance

So pure, I’d perhaps bless

All the evil that is in me 

It could penetrate my veins

And purify the poison

I’ve allowed to flow for so long

That is my dream 

I could die in peace

With distant sounds of human life

Representing the very thing

I couldn’t manage to be part of 

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