A single ant marches purposefullyAlong rivulets of mossLike external arteriesClinging to weathered bricks She watches in stillness and silenceNo longer a slave to timeSimply no other place to beNowhere to feel needed Her place is here for eternityAn orchard of trees in SeptemberBearing their favourite fruitA reminder of a shared lifetime Leaves flutter against autumn’s […]

Worth The Wait

Cold, empty, winter daysIn a house bought for twoShe silently, patiently waitsMarking time with her pain Immaculate in his absenceShe makes a home for oneWhilst a smiling bride and groomWatch her pitifully from the wall In pursuit of a life-long Antarctic dream;Summers with scientists beside icebergsHe pleadingly requests her blessingWhilst sliding her easily into the […]

From The Men’s Room and Other Places

It’s been very stormy in our little corner of Lac Leman in the last few days. It’s a welcome change after weeks of stifling temperatures; after sun-baked days in over-crowded playgrounds with over-heated, over-tired children and over-stuffed bags bursting at the seams with water-bottles, sticky lolly wrappers, already-drying-out baby wipes and greasy bottles of melted […]