The Absence of Good

A brief respite from burning August heatThe freezer-section of the supermarketI consult my list as my children weaveIn and out, in and out, around my feet Out of control, they giggle and squealHigh on life, energised by E-numbersI focus on the four things I must findApples, yoghurt, bread and wine Then I see you shuffling […]

Rose-tinted Dreams

Last night, amid the evilYou unexpectedly held my faceAnd said those thingsYou used to sayAnd I rememberedThat cherished feeling And I woke up chokingWith griefAs if it was yesterday You were larger than lifeSuffocating me with joyDwelling on the bright sideNever truly understandingThe darkness I was in You held out your armsAnd tried with all […]

Seeing It From Above

On a plane again; alone.Through torn openings inSunlit, cotton-wool cloudsI spy populated clusters;Pockets of life, teemingWith questions, arguments,Heartaches, that matchEven overpower, mine.The universe presentsThe bigger pictureIt’s so easy to remainWithin my own parameters.But I won’t, I will choose to seeThat there will be joy again.Some time awayIt waits, for me alone.Yes, I will love again.

Beautiful Life

I’ve been stripped once moreBack to basicsBut beauty in lifeIt overwhelms me I watch as men climbOn steel structuresCutting themselvesDirt under fingernails They are creatingThey have visionI photograph itAs I travel through life Strangers look at meQuestioningly, as I click awayClick, click, click…But I’m not the mad one I have learned againThat to create, to […]

A Wishful Ending

Unseasonal cold air is blowing in I welcome it gladly I beckon it to caress my skin Just so I can feel… anything.  If I had the energy I’d walk from my front door Across the green, through the estate And leave the rabble behind  I’d walk and walk until my ears Could only distinguish […]

A Time of Darkness

Head balanced on handsStaring mutely at wood grainCounting lines, comparing knotsMy head motionless, eyes darting Lines and knots developInto expressive imaginary facesWelcome company at our oak tableAfter three months and six days of solitude A rare phone call passes in a blurAn awkward friend stammers her apologyA million reasons for her absenceHer neatly-transferred guilt engulfs […]


A single ant marches purposefullyAlong rivulets of mossLike external arteriesClinging to weathered bricks She watches in stillness and silenceNo longer a slave to timeSimply no other place to beNowhere to feel needed Her place is here for eternityAn orchard of trees in SeptemberBearing their favourite fruitA reminder of a shared lifetime Leaves flutter against autumn’s […]

Worth The Wait

Cold, empty, winter daysIn a house bought for twoShe silently, patiently waitsMarking time with her pain Immaculate in his absenceShe makes a home for oneWhilst a smiling bride and groomWatch her pitifully from the wall In pursuit of a life-long Antarctic dream;Summers with scientists beside icebergsHe pleadingly requests her blessingWhilst sliding her easily into the […]