In 2010 I was interviewed by Karl James of The Dialogue Project.  My interview was one of a series of 5 Intimate Conversations recorded for the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, UK, in July of that year.

The topic of conversation that year was about sex.  And my interview, in particular, was talking about what it’s like to be raped at 14 years of age and how it has affected my life since.

Karl normally records conversations and edits them down to approximately 20 minutes.  However, with mine, he couldn’t. My story is one that doesn’t really “fit” into a 20 minute time-slot, hence he has edited the whole conversation into four parts.

The interview received an overwhelming response, worldwide.  Many survivors of rape contacted us both to say that the interview really touched them and, more importantly, helped them.

It is not easy subject matter.  At times, the audio is very difficult to listen to.  But it IS a story of hope, of survival, of finding joy.

Please have a listen.  Pour yourself a tea or coffee, get your headphones and plug yourself in to a very human experience…

A dialogue.

Why Not Me? Part 1
Why Not Me? Part 2
Why Not Me? Part 3
Why Not Me? Part 4

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